A: Adoption, Allison.

When I learned of this challenge this morning I immediately started thinking of what I could write about in joining this and helping me possibly get back into writing in an open forum, which I haven’t been a part of in many years.  I came up with the perfect topic, so felt compelled to figure things out and join.  Today’s topic is the Adoption of Allison.

Two years ago today I gave birth to a baby girl named Jadzia Morgan, but whom I gave up for adoption and her name changed to Allison.  Adoption is one of the most powerful things in the world and I have been grateful in being opened to this world.  Even though I was the one who gave the child up for adoption, whenever I am talking to someone, whether a complete stranger or a coworker, I am showered with stories of themselves being adopted or other inspiring stories of adoption.  I’ve been exposed to personal, inspiring, heart wrenching, tear jerking, and beloved stories and feel compelled it’ll continue in the future.  Since high school I had dreamed of being able to give a child to a couple to help them create a family, which was enough for me, but I am continually being given gifts of people opening up that I never imagined.  I love my daughter with all my heart, but am proud to have her call me Auntie, a name I know well, and hear her call her mother Mama.  I have never questioned the adoption, not once since I found out I was pregnant, but I had planned on it being more of a gift to others than a gift to myself.

Happy Birthday Jadzia, Happy Birthday Allison.

7 thoughts on “A: Adoption, Allison.

  1. James the Greatest says:

    I have <I.severe mental and emotional disabilities. and my parents too. in fact, both my mother and father told my younger brother and I several times over that had they known how “damaged” or “f*cked up” he and I would have been, they wouldn’t have had children. my mother has very directly told me she doesn’t want to be alive if I have kids, because this is both a horrible world to be born into and because our families’ brain chemistries really suck. maybe8 I’ll adopt down the road. but ain’t nothing coming out of my couter. so it’s because of people like you that I may yet be able to raise a kid. so thanks. ❤

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