B: Board games!!

One of my few passions in life is board games.  The interaction between me and honestly often a stranger while debating strategies, taking chances, and sometimes just being silly is often my highlight of the week and not uncommonly for the month.  I enjoy two player strategy to four player Eurogames to ten people party games.  They each have their own joys.  I am one who follows the Indy companies building smaller games, keeping up with boardgame groups on facebook, and continually increasing my stash of games through thrift shops, garage sales, Kickstarter, gaming stores, etc.  The children of this country seem to be slipping away from this form of entertainment, which does sadden me.  The only game I refuse to play is Monopoly :-b.  Go Directly to Jail, Do not pass Go, do not collect $200.

What is your favorite game or favorite one growing up?

12 thoughts on “B: Board games!!

    • Always like to hear that :). I have two of my nieces and nephews hooked on board games and two not so much, but I keep trying :-b. Even though I have a Wii, they know not to ask me to play it unless it’s 7am and I don’t wanna get up yet.


    • Thanks, I’m hoping I’m able to keep up with the challenge, but seems like a lot of fun. Maybe next year I’ll be able to do a theme since I’ll have more notice :-b.


  1. We played lots of board games when I was a child. the Game of Life, Trouble (which I also played with my kids), Snakes and Ladders, Parcheesi! Backgammon…. unfortunately I’ve completely stopped playing them as an adult – maybe time to restart!


    • You’d be amazed at all the gaming options out there! You listed some great traditional games though, Backgammon still being one I enjoy, but tend to play with much older people when it’s in person or I end up playing it on facebook with a random person.


  2. Love board games!!!! One of my favorite growing up was Uncle Wiggly…at least I think that’s what it was called. It was from my Dad’s childhood. I actually loved Monopoly growing up as well as Battleship, Chutes and Ladders, and of course Sorry! Thank you for bringing these to mind with your post! I hope that board games don’t completely go away….that will be sad…very sad.


  3. James the Greatest says:

    I own a TRILLION versions of “Clue”. no, seriously.
    okay, so off the top of my head: original, two different remakes, Firefly, D&D, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, DVD, VHS. that’s without even getting up from my chair and looking at the older ones with which I haven’t played in a while.

    also Twister. I’ve won several Twister competitions. ….though what does it say about you if that’s a crowning achievement in your life, lol?

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    • I own three versions of clue, but my family didn’t enjoy the Simpson’s one at all, so it’s been put away for a while and the others are just standard, just one from the 1970s and one more recent, then I do have the carnival one for my niece. Despite not liking Monopoly, I do own three. I own Star Trek, Spiderman, and Millennium. I love that you have the Firefly Clue though, I had considered getting that one more than once, but due to the reaction to the Simpsons, I never did :-b. And just wanted to note, Twister Competition winner is impressive 😉


  4. PrimeLoki says:

    I feel like Monopoly is quite literally one of the worst board games around. You seem to have the same passion that I and a lot of my friends do for the hobby. What are some of your current favorite games?


    • My current favorite game is Draco Magi — I love it as it’s a great two player game, trying to figure out the best way to combine your dragons on the three battlefields, and beautiful artwork. I love Stone Age, Ticket to Ride: Europe, Stratego (original number system), Wits & Wagers and Pictionary for party games, Dominion, Settlers of Catan, etc. I enjoy playing a wide range of games, just rarely get to play anymore.

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