C: Cisco

In 2000 when my family got Cisco, our dog, I called myself a cat person and had no interest in dogs.  Now, almost 15 years later, I couldn’t imagine my life without him.  He has an overbite, five extra toes, is a runt, (now) overweight, a devious mind, intelligence to spare, and a trouble maker all around, but he is the adorable dog I love.  Every passing year he learns new ways to get into trouble and honestly it gives me a big smile.  I like that he has such a strong personality and that it has stayed true through the years.

When I first went away to college I was gone for months, so when I returned for a few days for Thanksgiving I expected a warm welcome to discover he was upset and the whole visit he wouldn’t even let me pet him even.  Took a few years before he completely trusted me again not to leave.  He refused to play fetch/catch.  When we’re outside he is constantly keeping tabs on if we’re watching him because if we’re not he’s off into the cul-de-sac.  He lets me sleep in to whatever I get up.  Until 2 years ago, he rarely wanted attention, he just wanted to be in the same room as us.  He is my unique dog who has a huge imprint in my heart.

What is the name of a family pet you have fond memories of?  Any unique traits?

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