F: Friendship

     True friendship is a difficult thing to find and just as difficult to maintain.  I can honestly say I have no friends in close proximity.  I thought I had two near by, but found out in the last couple months they weren’t from not acknowledging “No”s to simply disappearing.

I do thankfully have three people I call friend.  I met them each in a different part of my life.  Dana I met in highschool.  Not too much in common, but we were 2 of 3 girls in a classroom of 36 and we bonded during that class.  Tara, from my first college days and actually was from visiting college friends the year after I dropped out that our friendship began to blossom.  The other is Kristin whom I met in my second college attempt.

Each friendship is definitely different, but there are strong qualities emulated in each relationship.  CARING — we truly care for eachother, want to know what’s going on in eachothers’ lives, worry when things aren’t working out, etc.  LOVE — we love eachother and our hearts sing when they’re lives are working out and heart sinks when the other dives into sadness.  FUTURE — We plan a future with eachother in it.  It may just be one visit a year, but our friendship is just assumed.  RELIABLE — You can rely on the other for emotional support, but to kick you in the ass when needed.

Simply put, friendship is a caring, loving relationship with a reliable person who puts you as a priority with no end in sight.

3 thoughts on “F: Friendship

  1. Love these thoughtful ideas about real friendship. I did a friendship post on my MS blog for today, but from quite a different angle. I like the way you have described what is important about it.
    I’m doing 5 blogs for the Ato Z Blog Challenge this year. (I did 10 last year, but it was a LOT.) Hope you’ll stop by at: Heart of a Ready Writer, Kicking MS to the Curb, The Mane Point: A Haven for Horse Lovers, Nicker and Ink Poetry & Humor, or Practically at Home. Happy A to Z April!


    • Well, I have been thoroughly enjoying your poetry so far this challenge :). I figured friendship wouldn’t be a unique subject, but felt the best topic for me when it’s been on my mind a lot lately.


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