G: Guenivere

I have four nieces and nephews, but only one truly holds my heart.  As you likely guessed, it’s my darling Guenivere.  She’s 8, biggest sweetheart I’ve ever met, a love of singing, reading, and writing stories and all animals.  She is a sensitive girl who struggles to make friends, but the couple she has are good ones.  She’s the only family member that’s met my daughter, even joined us at the zoo last July.

She used to help me plant flowers, but can’t handle being dirty anymore.  She loves the beach, but is afraid to swim (we are working on that).  She makes me smile so big, she listens to what I say and I listen to her, just be prepared if you ask what a book was about to hear all about it for half an hour, which is indecently how long it takes me to read it cover to cover :-b

There are two reasons why I stay real close in proximity to my family and she is that top reason.  I am Auntie Nic and proud of it.

Do you have a niece, nephew, or friend’s child that you have/had a close bond with?

My Loves!

Guen and Jadzia (my daughter) at the zoo in July 2014

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