J: Jelly Beans

Jelly Beans is one of those basic Easter candies that everyone has in their baskets.  My mom decided this year to do gourmet ones, which I don’t find as enjoyable as I have to be more careful what I grab and I am not sure what is what and I eat them one by one.  At work, however, we dropped our bags down to 50 cents two days after Easter to get rid of them, so I picked up two bags and took them home.

The next day my Grandma asked who got the good deal on the Jelly beans and I let her know it was me.  She disappears from the livingroom for a couple minutes, then she’s laying down two quarters next to my laptop and says to me, “I’ll take one of your jelly beans.”  No asking me to pick one up for her, no asking if she could have one, etc.  These are the kind of things I think of when I think of my Grandma.

Anyone else have an interesting trait about their grandma?

One thought on “J: Jelly Beans

  1. I love jelly beans, but only particular kinds. For example I like sour jelly beans and starburst jelly beans. But regular jelly beans? yuck.

    It’s funny how your grandmother depreciated your jelly bean bags (or was it just one jelly bean that she wanted?). I guess jelly beans are kind of like cars … Once you drive them off the lot, they go down in value. 😉


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