K: Kickstarter Addiction

A little over a year ago I was introduced to Kickstarter.  I’ll tell you since then I have wasted many an hour and money on this site.  For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s a crowd funding site for books, businesses, art, you name it.  My downfall is boardgames.  I have ventured to others — introduced my manager to the site and his campaign ended Friday, fully funded, to help him increase his number of bee hives, I being one of the backers :-b.

I have absolutely backed games I love from “The Captain is Dead,” which I got to enjoy for the first time yesterday, to Draco Magi, which I play regularly, to “Tricked out Hero,” which is the first I backed.  But, there are countless ones that are added to the pile o funopened games.  Yet, I am currently backing four games with many more eign considered.  This money really should be either put to better use or saved…. but that is now essentially what my state tax refund is for anymore :b.

Do you ever venture onto Kickstarter.com?  If so, what category do you tend to become a backer of?

6 thoughts on “K: Kickstarter Addiction

  1. wow. Glad I came across your post. I have never used kickstarter or visited although I would like to. Glad to hear that you are such a great supporter and that you know of others who have been successful on it. You give me hope. Thank you! 🙂


    • There’s been a few games I’ve supported because it was a family trying to create a game and they were a little short from meeting their goal :-b. It’s great seeing people’s hardwork turn out 🙂 Pretty much any interest you have you could find someone with a creative idea trying to get their idea off the ground. It’s fun to read their excitement in their updates and see it come from idea to product in your hand.


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