N: Nic

N is for Nic, and as I often say, not Nicky or Nicole.  Just Nic.  When strangers (customers) confront me asking what my legal name is 90% of the time I lie.  It doesn’t matter what my legal name is if my preference is Nic…or my favorite where someone asks, “How is Nicole doing today,” and my response being, “Nic is doing great.”

Growing up I didn’t like my name and I did try multiple nicknames.  In the summer of 1997 my mom started dating Santos and he started calling me Nic.  It was the first time I liked what I was being called.  I did admittedly start out by spelling it Nick.  Some people write it Nik.  It honestly took years to decide to stick with Nic, thankfully before 2002, when I started my college career and made new friends.  I sometimes even write it N.I.C. due to my bestfriend writing it that way on cards and such.  But I usually think about how Nic is the only positive thing I took away from my step-father.

N — nice, naive, nature lover, learning to say No, Natural
I — intelligent, introvert
C — coward, concerned, caring, cautious

N.I.C.– Notoriously Indecisive Coward.

Anyone else as particular as me about their name?  I do think coward in the final one is a bit harsh, but seemed to work best from my list, any other ideas? 🙂

2 thoughts on “N: Nic

  1. I realized I never came back and read your A to Z “N” post like I said I would! I like “Notoriously Indecisive Creative.” Creative as in the noun form. And if you’re wondering whether that can be used as a noun, it can. The whole second floor of artistic and writerly people I work with are referred to as Creatives. Much less harsh than Coward, and accurate. 🙂


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