O: Or

I often hate the word “or” as I’m sure many indecisive people do.  I sometimes have a preference, but often do not and from years of being asked such questions, then what I said being discarded, it just makes me not want to answer such questions.

There are several other O words that come to mind however and was difficult to decide.  One is very not appropriate, so honestly am thinking of trying an Adult Content one next year, would be a challenge, but very fun.  Ordinary and obsessed came to mind as well.  So, while I was debating over Ordinary or Obsessed, I went with or, the o word between the other two :-b.

I was actually one of those students who preferred writing tests versus multiple choice as well because that or would always make me try to fit other options as well as a correct answer.  Okay, that’s enough.

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