P: Prostitution

I broke up with my boyfriend 1.5 years ago.  For the last six months (possibly longer) my ex has been asking and begging for me to sleep with him one more time.  In January he even sweetened the deal by offering money and taking me out to my favorite place (Dave and Busters) that I rarely get to go to.  I told him no, my only response despite his other emails and messages and even asking life questions from me.  Earlier this week he offered more money on top of it.  This week I injured myself at work and have no sick time/vacation time with this job.  The amount he offered was enough to supplement my paycheck to pay all my bills (I live paycheck to paycheck).  So, I give in on one of my days off to recover, yesterday.

From 2pm-10pm.  I did everything I know he likes.  It obviously was about him, greeted him with deep kisses and bodies pressed and dressed for him, our acts were what he liked, acted like he preferred, etc.  I worked hard to make it special, but at the end learned why I can never do this again.  I did not get paid.

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