Q: Questions

Our everyday lives are filled with questions.  I am asked a dozen times a day, “How are you,” and not a single one a genuine question, but just pleasantries.  I am texted how was work five days a week by someone to start a conversation, but honestly don’t think he cares about that answer, but wants to get to the meatier conversation.

Once a month I get asked, “How are you,” where they truly want to know.  Those rare times I want to almost cry immediately as I have so much pent up inside.

I question myself often, the path I have chosen, my future, but rarely put anything into action.  I question coworkers often on why they do something the way they do, but not really anything else.

I, myself, need to ask more genuine questions of those in my life and likely reduce the number of questioning why my coworkers do what they do :-b.

2 thoughts on “Q: Questions

  1. I have a question – Where are you? I know it’s hard to keep up. I missed a day then posted this a.m. and tonight. And hopefully back on track tomorrow…. jump back in!!


    • Thanks for posting, helping me get back into it. I had actually written out S and T, but had issues with R and just been a bad week, but I have now posted R and S and gonna start typing T :). Still need to write U, but that will be done today 🙂

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