R: Rage

Sorry I disappeared, a lot going on emotionally for me and was just a very bad week.

I often get frustrated and disappointed and sadly more angry now than I used to.  But earlier this week I felt rage at a 6yr old who is turning 7 on May 1st.  Is this the correct response?  Unlikely, but thankfully I was cities away when this emotional response overcame me.  Such a  strong negative emotion while traveling to a celebratory dinner, it was difficult not to cry.

For a background feel free to read G and I, but my nephew decided to share his sister’s news to kids on the bus.  He overheard her telling the babysitter, but didn’t let anyone know he knew.  So, her safe zone has diminished.  She was harassed by multiple students on the ride home.  Smart Guen’s only response was, “not true.”  Then, to stay silent and facing forward the rest of the ride.

They asked her about sexual positions and other things she doesn’t understand.  She still thinks she may be pregnant despite being told it’s impossible.  May be extra hard (on me) because I haven’t seen her since before I found out.  She is no longer riding the bus and depending on how the kids treat her a move may be in the future.  Rage did change to dismay and so much concern.

One thought on “R: Rage

  1. Oh no, sooooo hard. I can’t imagine having to deal with all this. No kids understand. They are repeating crap they have heard. As always it is the adults that need to lead the way.
    On a side note, nice to have you back. “What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.”


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