S: Six

Six is a number that is currently weighing heavily upon me.  At age 30 I have had six sex partners.  To some it’s low and others, high.  If I look at it like I am 30 and have had sex with six different guys it doesn’t seem too bad, but if I look at it in a more broken down manner, it does.

I lost my virginity at 27.92yrs old.  I am currently at 30.75yrs old and my last ‘new’ partners were at 30.58years old.

Two were in relationships.
Two were one-night stands
Two were two-time stands.

Four of them I slept with the first day I met them, one was a friend who is no longer one, and one was a patient boyfriend.

With this being said, I am ashamed at how I got to six, but I am not ashamed of the actual acts.  I honestly thought it would be easier to find someone to just have regular physical relations with.  The first one I guess I was just lucky as I just fell into it.  I’m sure my number will grow past 10, but have vowed no more one-night stands.  I just need to believe I’m worth it and finds guys that are worth it.

Sorry, just a reflection I’ve been having the last couple months…

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