T: Tau Beta Sigma

I am a proud past member of a service band sorority Tau Beta Sigma.  I still wear my band jacket regularly with my letters, name, and instruments listed despite being 10 years since I was an active TBS member and 6 years since I’ve played an instrument.

Trumpet — my first instrument starting in fourth grade.  In college I loved playing it in jazz and trumpet choir!  Trombone — learned in 10th grade due to being tired of solos and the competitive nature of the trumpet players.  Loved marching it, being in Orchestra, playing for a Protestant Church, jazz band (I was in 2), sports, band, etc.  Then, BariTone (sort of a T word…) that I played for Wind Ensembles in college when the Baritone player was having surgery.

I was Historian my first 2 years in college, Editor of the bi-weekly newsletter my 2nd and 3rd year, and Vice President my 3rd year.  (Was only there for 3 years…).  I loved my Delta Xi chapter and our fraternity KKY.  Music was the best thing that ever could have happened to me.

Anyone else in a service sorority or fraternity?  If so, what was it’s focus?  How about simply a service organization?

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