U: Unicorn

Growing up, many of us, we’re taught to believe in magic.  To believe in unicorns, Pegasus’, leprechauns, gold at the end of the rainbow, love conquers all, Santa, the Easter bunny, dragons, gryphons, superheroes, mermaids, etc.  As we grow older we begin to question the world and stories we’re told.

Some of us yearn for the world we believed in when we’re younger, I know that I miss it.  I lived in it through my nieces and nephews for years and it honestly makes me sad that I know this Christmas we’re going from all kids believing in Santa to none.

I was always drawn to science fiction, but wasn’t until a few years ago that I’d read fantasy at all.  Even though Star Trek, Ninja Turtles, and Spiderman outweigh fantasy as decoration, I do now have a few unicorn pictures and a nice big castle one.

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