V: Virginity

I know I’ve talked a lot more about sexual things in this month’s challenge than I had originally thought I would.  But, I always thought I’d talk about this for V.

I find it interesting we live in a society where someone gets teased for not having had sex.  For so many it is just a way to have pleasure.  I had one argue for a while about how it’s just nature and that I should lighten up.  That girls like me took it too seriously.  I am one who looks at Craigs list and see guys who have their “virgin card” and am looking to give it up to a stranger.  Guys at 18-21 feeling like they’re needing to get it out of the way instead of the act being something loving and something you think about as a positive memory in the future.

I remember talking to one 27 year old who wanted to loose it before his next relationship so the stigma was gone.  Talked for quite a while, but I wouldn’t do it with him, so the conversation stopped.  I, too, know the feeling though.  At 27 is when I started to feel left out and is why I pushed myself into the dating world and pretty much dated whomever would have me so I could no longer claim to be a virgin as well.

Was your first time with someone you cared about?  A one-night stand?  Anyone with the morning of when most people loose it, morning after prom?

7 thoughts on “V: Virginity

    • Definitely a tricky subject, have been thinking about how I’ll be talking with my nieces and nephews about it when they’re older. I am a very honest person, so now if it’s something I don’t wanna lie about I just say you can talk to your mother or you’re too young, but they’re growing so fast!

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  1. Visiting from A/Z 🙂 Interesting topic you chose for V 🙂 I was 22 years old, not married, but it was with my now husband. My one and only. In looking back, I wish I had waited until after we were married.



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