W: Watching Movies

One of my, by far, favorite movies growing up and still is, is Disney’s The Little Mermaid.  But, watching it now vs. watching it as a child it is two different movies.

As a young child I thought the movie was magical, that they were meant for eachother.  What Ariel did was fine and was just an adventurous princess.  I’d cry at the end of the movie as I just didn’t understand why she’d leave her family for the prince though.  I mean, every time!  Took years before I started to understand, but still not accept it.

Now, I can’t believe she is doing all this at age 16.  But, her doing wreckless things makes sense due to her age.  I am still as much in love with the songs as I was as a child and enjoy the look of the characters and such.  I am no longer sad at the end of the movie, but my sappy self am still moved slightly by the ending, but more so by the father giving his daughter the legs she wants.

Only a small look at the differences, but I see it in so many movies I watch with my niece and nephews.  The Last Unicorn being one of the biggest differences.  I loved it and watched and rewatched it, but now think it is just awful.  Do you have any movies where this has happened to you?

3 thoughts on “W: Watching Movies

  1. James the Greatest says:

    I hate to be the bitch, but maybe I just am here (because of how much I actually LOVE Disney):
    it’s not *actually* for kids.

    most of the messages are horrible and terrible and suggest abhorrence and disobedience. it’s not about ethics; it’s about ideas,

    and as you know from reading my blog, I fucking LOVE ideas. but they can be dangerous. and young, guideless minds are VERy dangerous. and both Pixar and Disney devour that. to be fair, I fucking LOVE both, and defend them to the ends. but at the same time, I would only suggest them to *parents to actually fucking teach their kids shit* and don’t just stick them in front of TVs hoping the latter will all the teaching for them…..


    • James the Greatest says:

      wow, also, has a bad day at work, so sorry for the slightly drunken typos here. eep. note to self: never again respond after drinking.

      hey, no matter our age, we are ALWAYS learning.

      and even Disney has taught us that, right?


  2. I don’t know that I have seen a movie when I was young that I went back and watched again and changed my opinion of that movie, except a movie that scared the you know what out of me when I was eleven, but when I watched it later, laughed at my self for thinking it was anywhere near real! Lisa, co-host AtoZ 2015, @ http://www.lisabuiecollard.com


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