A man who never argues

So, something I’ve learned to fear most in a relationship is a man who NEVER argues.  I’ve been in a couple relationships now where this happened and it means one of a couple things:

  1. When they disagree with what you have to say they withhold it and later manipulate you into their view of things or finds a way to twist it in the future so that you forgive them of something else completely unrelated.  I don’t know how Dale did it, but he did this all the time.  Later, I’d reflect on it, and see the manipulation and such, but it wouldn’t be until much later.
  2. They keep it all inside.  This leads to either a big burst leading to a breakup (sometimes getting back together once things calm down).
  3. Or, keeping it all inside because they fear intimacy.  Opening themselves up completely and letting you know themselves and their true feelings and thoughts.
  4. They don’t care.  I’ve been used by a guy simply because he was lonely.  Whenever I’d say something he didn’t agree with or didn’t like what I did he’d not say anything because he wanted someone to stay by his side.  He admitted later that he knew we weren’t good together and was prolonging our relationship because he was lonely.

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