I can’t say it’s big improvements, but my life is in a positive direction.  I have had two driving lessons.  He keeps insisting I am doing well, but I couldn’t imagine passing the test without him beside me reminding me how many times to turn the wheel to do a 90 degree backup into a parking space and where to stop.  And of course, the car I am driving isn’t the one I’ll be using on the driving test.  I honestly have no idea right now who’ll take me to the test and in what vehicle :(.  I am tired of my family telling me that they’re supportive of such things, but not actual lend any help.

My best friend, whom I think I became a little dependent on the last few months for human contact, may have to disappear from my life and I don’t know how well I’ll be able to handle it.  Two day, just two days, of not talking to him and I miss him.  I’m just so mad at him, but he doesn’t seem to fully understand why.  The desire to forgive him to release loneliness was so strong already.  But, I am an emotional mess and I believe these kind of actions are going to hurt him more than anything and maybe just let things sit as they are.  It’s just hard to slide back into loneliness when I know someone out there would be able to fill the void.  He is a good person I enjoy spending time with and I thought would be my friend for years to come…. couldn’t even last six months.

Six months seems to be my timeline for friendship anyways, I don’t know why I thought this would last any longer :(.


One thought on “Improvements

  1. being absent from the part for a while, I don’t know the reason the car in which you’ve been practicing cannot be the one you test in, as well. :/

    and even though you say they’re not major steps in the right direction, any improvement is still an improvement. but even more so, it’s *not* a step backwards!


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