I am filled with anger and frustration.

I need a new job.  I need a new manager, new coworkers, better pay, etc.  I know I am getting my ducks in a row and will have to deal with being stingy with money for quite a while now.  But, with becoming extra tight with money, what happened today makes me even more worrisome and frustrated.  My car didn’t want to start again today after work.  Got the starter replaced two weeks ago, which my mom paid for, how am I suppose to have afforded that on my own?!?  😦

Then, getting home hours after I got off of work to find text messages from my manager that totally pissed me off.

I have started probably a half dozen letters in the last couple months that never made it in the envelope.  I have wanted to start projects, that never get started.  I feel overwhelmed almost daily now.


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